Tootsie Rolls

A fixture of parades is the frequent distribution of candy by the participants to those watching from the road side. My campaign is no exception, and we always hand out Tootsie Rolls as we walk the route.

With multiple parades on the horizon, it was time again to stock up on supplies.  The best place to buy Tootsie Rolls I have found is from the Country Salvage Shop, an out-of-the-way grocery operation south of Chesterfield in Douglas County.  Considering our next stop is the Arthur Amish Cheese Festival, the visit was timely.

I love this store, which is both “big” and “cozy” at the same time.  It has everything, including 99 cent bags of Tootsie Rolls sold in boxes of 24 bags each!  A great deal indeed.

After stocking up on supplies, I had lunch in Arthur at Yoder’s Kitchen, which is a wonderful buffet and gift store, like an Amish Cracker Barrel.  The town is clearly ready for the festival, and we look forward to joining the fun tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you will come to the event, ask me about my campaign, and enjoy a Tootsie Roll or two.

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